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BioToolomics offers low cost but high performance empty columns with an inner diameter of 16 mm. The column sizes are 20 ml, 30 ml or 40 ml.

Glass columns are too expensive that people can’t afford a large inventory. A user has to pack, unpack and repack the same column for different purification tasks. In particular, it could be very inconvenient if a laboratory needs to purify a good number of different molecules.

The column body (i.e. the tube) is made of acrylic. It has the appearance similar to glass tube, i.e. clear and transparent.

The End Plug is made of polypropylene. It has the standard connection (10.32 UNF or called 1/16" female thread) compatible to common chromatography instruments (such as AKTA etc). It has two layers of mesh (coarse and fine) giving excellent flow distribution. The void volume in each End Plug is minimal as the fluid is introduced through a narrow flow path (i.e. 1 mm hole). Two O-rings are used in each End Plug to seal and secure the column.

The packed column can be stored and re-used through the life period of the resin.

The column material shows excellent chemical resistance to most of the commonly used reagents. The recommended operational pressure is up to 3 bar (42 psi).

Ordering information

Product* Quantity** Code no. Price GBP
SepFast column – 20 ml 1 unit 240112 59.00
SepFast column – 30 ml 1 unit 240113 discontinued
SepFast column – 40 ml 1 unit 240114 discontinued
Stop Plug 10 / pack 240104 45.11
10.32 male thread / female luer connector 5 / pack 240105 45.11

*For columns of other volumes or higher pressure ratings, please contact us for a quotation.

**The minimum order is 5 columns. If large quantity is required, please contact us for a quotation. BioToolomics also provides service to pack customers’ media of their choice.

How to order

Operation Manual

Operation Manual