provides application-driven, cost-effective process chromatography media, columns and associated purification technologies. Our products and services are designed for use in biopharmaceutical and life science-related industries. The core features of our process chromatography media, columns and services are: high selectivity, high binding capacity, high throughput, high flexibility, disposable, ready-to-use, single or multi use, and low cost.

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High Capacity High Selectivity Process Chromatography Media

Biotoolomics offers a broad range of process chromatography media, which is manufactured in our clean and purpose built facility. The pore structure and particle size of each adsorbent is tailored to best suit its targeted purification applications. We have the capacity to produce thousands of litres of adsorbents p.a. For those cGMP purification applications, we provide full regulatory support files.

BioToolomics’ process chromatography media ranges include affinity adsorbents, ion-exchange adsorbents, hydrophobic interaction adsorbents and mixed-mode (multi-modal ligand) adsorbents etc. We also produce a broad range of activated chromatography media for customers to make tailored adsorbents.  >>>Read more

New! Gel Filtration Media New! Alkaline-stable Protein A SepFast Range

Process Chromatography Columns

New! 26mm inner diameter disposable chromatography column for cGMP applications (Full Regulatory-Support-File available)

Would you like to have your own reproducible and scalable columns at low cost? BioToolomics offers a full range of disposable columns (e.g. 1ml to 10 litres) that are robust and cost-effective.

We offer both empty columns and column packing services. BioToolomics has extensive experience in handling a large variety of chromatography media and packing processes, to read more about our column packing services click here. To read more about our empty columns click here.

Negative Chromatography Antibody Purification (NCAP) Technology

As protein expression levels become higher and higher in the upstream, conventional downstream chromatography purification technologies become less and less efficient and/or cost-effective. The NCAP technology developed by BioToolomics can provide very cost-effective and easily scalable purification processes. >>>Read more

ISO 9001:2015

BioToolomics is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.


BioToolomics  attends / exhibits at a number of trade show or scientific events throughout the year. We invite you to take advantage of the scheduled events in your area to learn about the knowledge, commitment and capabilities of BioToolomics, and how we can help you accelerate your process development and manufacturing. Please Visit our booth or presentations to learn more.

23 - 25 April 2018 BioProcess International European Summit  2018, RAI, Amsterdam; our Booth Number: 123
      More events to come