Rapid desalting / buffer exchange (SuperSpin Desaltor)

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Based on the principle behind size exclusion chromatography, cross-linked neutral polysaccharide particles with very tight pores are packed into spin tubes for rapid desalting and / or buffer exchange.

Up to 24 samples (depending on the type of microcentrifuge) of 10 – 100 l can be processed in one spin. It is a much faster and more efficient approach when compared to dialysis tubes or membrane ultrafiltration. The small porous particles provide huge surface area with very short diffusion distance, which means small molecules such as salts can be partitioned rapidly. In comparison, both dialysis tubes and membranes have very low surface areas. Dialysis is also incredibly time consuming, and membranes often suffer blockages resulting in a loss of valuable material.

Key benefits:

  • Rapid desalting or buffer exchange
  • Very little loss of target molecules (typically > 95% recovery)
  • Most proteins (> 6,000 dalton) and DNAs (> 10 bp) can be desalted
  • DNAse free
  • Full operation manual supplied

SuperSpin desaltor is particularly useful for the following applications:

  • Desalting of histidine-tagged proteins (e.g. imidazole and NaCl) recovered from IMAC SuperSpin
  • Desalting of samples before loading to SDS-PAGE
  • Desalting of samples before conducting other analysis
  • Buffer exchange, for example, after low pH elution
  • Desalting of DNAs

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Technical data

Technical data
Protein Sample Sample loading Salt removal Protein recovery
Lysozyme (14.6K, 1 mg/ml in 10 mM Tris/HCl
plus 1 M NaCl)
10 l 100% 99%
Lysozyme (14.6K, 1 mg/ml in 10 mM Tris/HCl
plus 1 M NaCl)
100 l 86.5% 96%
BSA (66K, 1 mg/ml in 10 mM Tris/HCl plus 1 M NaCl) 10 l 100% 83%
BSA (66K, 1 mg/ml in 10 mM Tris/HCl plus 1 M NaCl) 100l 83.5% 98%

Ordering information

Ordering information
Product Quantity Code no. Price GBP
SuperSpin Desaltor 50 210101 162.29
Ordering information
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Operation Manual