IMAC SuperSpin tubes

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IMAC SuperSpin is supplied as a low cost disposable spin-column that allows rapid purification and screening of histidine-tagged proteins at a low cost. The spin tube is filled with novel metal immobilised chromatography resin of small particles (20 – 50 m). It gives fast mass transfer rate of target proteins, so decent amounts of protein can be captured in a short solid / liquid contact time. Three types of spin tubes are available; Ni SuperSpin, Co SuperSpin and Zn SuperSpin, for fast screening of the best immobilised metal ion to a given target protein. It is a particularly powerful tool in applications such as small-scale purification, high-throughput screening, purification process optimisation etc.

Key benefits:

  • Fast purification of many protein samples with a standard microcentrifuge
  • High protein binding capacity
  • Very low cost in comparison to similar products in the marketplace
  • Optimisation of the binding, washing and elution conditions (e.g. imidazole concentration, pH, salt concentration, detergents etc) in one or two sets of experiments in short periods and at very low cost
  • Direct processing of clarified or unclarified protein sample
  • Full operational manual supplied

The fine IMAC particles are very stable and compatible with a variety of chemical reagents (e.g. denaturing reagents and reducing reagents etc).

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Characteristics of Ni SuperSpin / Co SuperSpin / Zn SuperSpin

Product characteristics
Tube material Polypropylene
Medium IMAC SepFast
Particle size 20 – 50 m
Packed volume 50 l
Protein binding capacity Depends on the type of proteins and binding conditions;
up to 800 g*
Chemical compatibility Stable in the commonly used buffers and denaturing reagents, avoid chelating reagents e.g. EDTA, EGTA and citrate
Storage condition 2oC – 8oC

*Tested with nickel ion charged

Ordering information

Ordering information
Product Quantity Code no. Price GBP
Ni SuperSpin 50 150101 181.69
Co SuperSpin 50 150103 181.69
Zn SuperSpin 50 150104 181.69
Ordering information
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How to order

Ni SuperSpin: Purification of a 6 x His tagged hydrolase from clarified E.coli. cell lysate with a microcentrifuge

Lane 1: Molecular marker;
Lane 2: clarified cell lysate;
Lane 3: Cell lysate pass through;
Lane 4: Wash with binding buffer (20 mM phosphate, 20 mM imidazole and 500 mM NaCl, pH 7.4);
Lane 5: Second wash with the same buffer;
Lane 6 and 7: Eluates at 500 mM imidazole in the binding buffer, pH 7.4.

Ni Superspin

Operation Manual

Operation Manual