Magnetic Products

BioToolomics offers the following magnetic chromatography resins (adsorbents).

Glutathione SepFast MAG is an affinity magnetic medium for GST-tagged protein purifications.

IMAC SepFast MAG magnetic chelating resins are used for the purification of histidine-tagged proteins. The available metal ions are nickel, cobalt and zinc.

Protein A SepFast MAG & Protein G SepFast MAG are affinity magnetic adsorbent for the purification of a variety of antibodies.

Activated SepFast MAG is a range of magnetic resins pre-activated with a variety of groups (aldehyde, amine, carboxyl, CNBr, epoxy, hydrazide, irreversible thiol-coulping and NHS) that allow customers to make custom magnetic adsorbents attaching almost any ligand.

Magnetic SepFast Supor Q (DEAE, S, CM) is a group of special ion-exchange media having very large accessible pore structures. The media is particularly useful for high throughput screening of phage libraries or high throughput purification of viruses.

In addition, we also supply OEM or custom magnetic resins (adsorbents), such as cross-linked resins, resins coupled with ion-exchange or other affinity ligands etc. BioToolomics can make special magnetic resins that suit your particular applications. Please contact us for further information.