Magnetic Products

BioToolomics offers the following magnetic chromatography resins (adsorbents).

Glutathione SepFast MAG is an affinity magnetic medium for GST-tagged protein purifications.

IMAC SepFast MAG magnetic chelating resins are used for the purification of histidine-tagged proteins. The available metal ions are nickel, cobalt and zinc.

Protein A SepFast MAG & Protein G SepFast MAG are affinity magnetic adsorbent for the purification of a variety of antibodies.

Activated SepFast MAG is a range of magnetic resins pre-activated with a variety of groups (aldehyde, amine, carboxyl, CNBr, epoxy, hydrazide, irreversible thiol-coulping and NHS) that allow customers to make custom magnetic adsorbents attaching almost any ligand.

In addition, we also supply OEM or custom magnetic resins (adsorbents), such as cross-linked resins, resins coupled with ion-exchange or other affinity ligands etc. BioToolomics can make special magnetic resins that suit your particular applications. Please contact us for further information.