Protein A SepFast MAG & Protein G SepFast MAG

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Protein A SepFast MAG and Protein G SepFast are magnetic beads designed for coupling of antibodies enabling enrichment of target protein for further downstream analyses such as mass spectrometry (MS and LC-MS) and electrophoresis techniques. The base matrix is made of cross-linked agarose encapsulating magnetic material. Therefore, the resin possesses magnetic properties. Removal of liquid after each step such as binding, washing and elution can be readily done by fixing the resin with a magnet.

Our product can be used with any magnetic device commonly available in the market place or magnets of any shape.

Protein A and Protein G binds to the Fc region of immunoglobulins. The binding is highly specific so high purity can be achieved in a single step. The purification power of Protein-A ligand and Protein G ligand has been well documented in various antibody purification applications, such as isolation and purification of classes, subclasses and fragments of immunoglobulins from biological fluids and from cell culture media. In general, protein G shows affinity to more classes of immunoglobulins than protein A.

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Characteristics of Protein A SepFast MAG & Protein G SepFast MAG

Matrix Cross-linked agarose encapsulating magnetic material
Binding capacity > 10 mg human IgG / ml gel
pH stability 2-10 (short term) and 5-9 (long term)
Working temperature +4oC to + 30oC
Chemical stability Compatible with most commonly used reagents for antibody purifications
Sanitization Wash the resin with 2% hibitane/20% ethanol
Storage & temperature 20% ethanol at +4oC to + 8oC

Ordering information

Ordering information
Product Quantity Code no. Price GBP
Protein A SepFast MAG 500 μl 280101 73.54
5 ml 280102 POR
Protein G SepFast MAG 500 μl 280201 73.54
5 ml 280202 POR

How to order

Operation Manual

Operation Manual