Mixed-mode (Chemical ligand) products

Mixed or multi-modal ligands constitute a new group of ligands that share the ability to interact with target molecules through multiple types of interactions. In addition to ionic interactions, several other types of interactions are involved such as hydrogen bonding, hydrophobic interaction and p-p interaction. The strength of the individual interactions depends on the overall binding conditions.

Media containing mixed mode ligands possesses selectivities that are different from those of the “traditional” ligands. This type of media is generally more salt-tolerant and could be more selective than the ion exchange or hydrophobic media alone.

The first mixed mode product we offer is SepFast MM AH-1. It contains a combination of anionic and hydrophobic groups. In connection with the NCAP technology, an array of other mixed mode ligand products with complimentary functionalities will be introduced.

SepFast MM AH-1