Rapid sample concentration (SuperSpin Concentrator)

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Rapid concentration of samples up to ten times can be achieved in less than 4 minutes using the patented technology (patent pending).
Up to 24 samples (depending on the type of microcentrifuge) can be processed in one spin.

Dry microporous particles are packed into each spin tube for rapid removal of water and other small molecules.

It is a much faster and reliable approach when compared to ultrafiltration membranes (e.g. membrane blockage and severe loss of material) or vacuum evaporation (e.g. long processing time with special equipment).
Both proteins (> 6,000 dalton) and DNAs (> 10 bp) can be concentrated in a single spin.

The typical sample loading volume is 200 to 220 l in each SuperSpin Concentrator.

Key benefits:

  • Rapid sample concentration in very mild conditions in comparison to membrane ultrafiltration and vacuum evaporation methods
  • Rapid concentration of DNAs in comparison to the ethanol or polymer precipitation methods
  • Direct collection of the concentrated sample in the pass through, so little chance of contamination
  • High recovery yield of target molecules (typically > 90%)
  • Desalting can be achieved as well (if applicable)
  • DNAse free
  • Full operation manual supplied

SuperSpin Concentrator is particularly useful for the following applications:

  • Concentration of small volume of protein samples
  • Concentration of DNAs after Mini Preps
  • Concentration of DNAs after cleaning up the PCR and restrictive digestion products etc

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Technical data

Technical data
Protein Loading volume Final volume Concentration factor Protein recovery
Lysozyme (1 mg/ml) 220 l 44 l 4.5 96%
BSA (1 mg/ml) 220 l 40 l 5.0 92.9%

Ordering information

Ordering information
Product Quantity Code no. Price GBP
SuperSpin Concentrator 50 220101 162.29
Ordering information
Related product Quantity Code no. Price GBP
Ni SuperSpin 50 150101 181.69
Co SuperSpin 50 150103 181.69
Zn SuperSpin 50 150104 181.69
Protein A SuperSpin 50 280301 263.50

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Operation Manual

Operation Manual