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BioToolomics developed ViralPolish® chromatography media specifically for virus purification; Comprising dual layer agarose beads with an inert external shell with tightly controlled pore size and internal polyfunctional ligands for rapid high capacity binding of impurities.

This media is ideal for rapid clean-up, either as a first step or as a second step, to purify virus particles.

Large particles, such as viruses, are excluded from the beads. The beads can be packed in a column where the virus will pass through the column bed and collected in the flow through fraction, whilst impurities will be captured within the beads. This affords a very gentle purification process resulting in efficient clean up and high recovery of active virus particles.

The beads can also be used in batch mode; when added to a flask of virus containing media the beads will selectively allow small molecules to enter and be retained, whilst the virus is excluded and remains in the external media.

A typical purification strategy for virus would be to use ViralPolish® as an initial step, to clean up the sample, prior to binding and elution, typically from an anion exchange media designed for virus purification such as SepFast Supor Q.

Alternatively, very dilute samples can be purified by first passing through a SepFast Supor Q anion exchange column to concentrate the sample followed by passing through ViralPolish column to remove residual impurities.

ViralPolish® is available in three different outer shell pore sizes, and two different impurity binding chemistries (see table below).

Shelled Mixed-Mode Resin Application Guide Key Features
ViralPolishTM 5000A
ViralPolishTM 5000B
Good for lentivirus, adeno virus, VLPs and other viruses of large sizes

AAV may be purified if very high molecular-weight impurity (e.g. truncated AAV or empty capsid) need be removed.

The inert out shell has molecular cut-off of 5000 KDa, 700 KDa and 400 KDa, respectively, to block viral particles of different sizes.

“A”: Mixed-mode anion ligand with mild hydrophobicity; can be easily re-generated and re-used; but its binding capacity may be compromised.

“B”: Mixed-mode anion ligand with strong hydrophobicity; have higher loading capacity but is difficult to re-generate. They are more suitable for single-use.

ViralPolishTM 700A
ViralPolishTM 700B

Good for AAVs, other viruses
and VLPs of similar sizes, plasmids etc
ViralPolishTM 400A
ViralPolishTM 400B

Good for certain vaccine antigens, large proteins etc

Note: other mixed-mode ligands are available on request.

Characteristics of ViralPolish® Range

Particle size 50 - 150 µm
Ligand Mixed-mode
Ligand density > 50 µmol / ml resin
Protein binding capacity Depends on the type of proteins and binding conditions; could be > 40 mg / ml resin
Operational pressure Up to 3 bar
Flow velocity* Up to 500 cm/hr
Chemical stability Stable in most common aqueous buffers
pH stability 2-14 (<2 h)
3-12 (long term)
Storage 20% ethanol at 4oC

*Linear flow rate = volumetric flow rate (cm3/h)/column cross-sectional area (cm2)

The pore size distribution of the outer layer is critical to prevent molecules of a given molecular weight from binding to exposed ‘active core’. ViralPolish® has tightly controlled pores giving best in class exclusion of virus and large molecules, resulting in significantly higher recovery of active viral particles.

Ordering information

Ordering information
Product Quantity Code no. Price GBP
ViralPolish 5000A 25 ml 270501-25ML £186.90
  100 ml 270501-100ML £417.90
1 litre 270501-1L POR
Pre-packed column 5 x 1 ml 270501-5x1ML £229.95
5 x 5 ml 270501-5x5ML £575.40
ViralPolish 5000B 25 ml 270502-25ML £186.90
  100 ml 270502-100ML £417.90
1 litre 270502-1L POR
Pre-packed column 5 x 1 ml 270502-5x1ML £229.95
5 x 5 ml 270502-5x5ML £575.40
ViralPolish 700A 25 ml 270601-25ML £186.90
  100 ml 270601-100ML £417.90
1 litre 270601-1L POR
Pre-packed column 5 x 1 ml 270601-5x1ML £229.95
5 x 5 ml 270601-5x5ML £575.40
ViralPolish 700B 25 ml 270602-25ML £186.90
  100 ml 270602-100ML £417.90
1 litre 270602-1L POR
Pre-packed column 5 x 1 ml 270602-5x1ML £229.95
5 x 5 ml 270602-5x5ML £575.40
ViralPolish 400A 25 ml 270401-25ML £186.90
  100 ml 270401-100ML £417.90
1 litre 270401-1L POR
Pre-packed column 5 x 1 ml 270401-5x1ML £229.95
5 x 5 ml 270401-5x5ML £575.40
ViralPolish 400B 25 ml 270402-25ML £186.90
  100 ml 270402-100ML £417.90
1 litre 270402-1L POR
Pre-packed column 5 x 1 ml 270402-5x1ML £229.95
5 x 5 ml 270402-5x5ML £575.40
ViralPolish Selection Kit 6 x 1 ml
(1 ml each of ViralPolish 5000A,
5000B, 700A, 700B, 400A, 400B)
270001-6x1ML £276.15

*Other column size available on request.

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