SepFastTM DUO Range

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SepFast DUO™ IEX is a range of unique shelled ion-exchange resins. Unlike ViralPolish® and MabPolish DUO, the core chemistries of the SepFast DUO™ media are classic ion-exchangers (Q or S).

SepFast DUO™ can be used for purifying viral materials in flow-through mode, impurities smaller than a virus will be adsorbed to the charged groups inside the bead whilst intact virus passes through the column. It is a very gentle method with little loss of product. Because the interior core has a standard ion-exchange ligand impurities can be eluted and the beads easily regeneration making this approach useful for large scale multi-use columns.

SepFast DUO 150 Q and SepFast DUO 150 S are particularly developed for purifying antibodies in flow-through mode. Host cell proteins (HCP) smaller than Ab molecules can be selectively removed.

SepFast DUO™ is available in four different outer shell pore sizes and two different inner core chemistries (see Table below)

Shelled IEX Resin Application Guide Key Features
SepFastTM DUO 5000Q
SepFastTM DUO 5000S
Good for lentivirus, adeno virus etc. AAV may be purified if very high molecular-weight impurity (e.g. truncated AAV or empty capsid) need be removed. The inert out shell has molecular cut-off of 5000 KDa, 700 KDa, 400 KDa and 150 KDa, respectively, to block viruses or antibodies.

Strong ion-exchange ligand is immobilised inside to capture impurities.

Q: strong anion-exchanger

S: strong cation-exchanger
SepFastTM DUO 700Q
SepFastTM DUO 700S

Good for AAVs, other viruses and VLPs of similar sizes, plasmids
SepFastTM DUO 400Q
SepFastTM DUO400S

Good for certain vaccine antigens, large proteins etc
SepFastTM DUO 150Q
SepFastTM DUO 150S

Good for monoclonal antibodies

Characteristics of SepFastTM DUO IEX Range

Particle size 50 - 150 µm
Ligand Q: quaternary
S: sulfopropyl
Ligand density 70-150 µmol / ml resin
Protein binding capacity Depends on the type of proteins and binding conditions
Operational pressure Up to 3 bar
Flow velocity* Up to 500 cm/hr
Chemical stability Stable in most common aqueous buffers
pH stability 2-14 (<2 h)
3-12 (long term)
Storage 20% ethanol at 4oC

*Linear flow rate = volumetric flow rate (cm3/h)/column cross-sectional area (cm2)

Ordering information

Ordering information
Product Quantity Code no. Price GBP
SepFast DUO 5000 Q 25 ml 510104-25ML £156.45
  100 ml 510104-100ML £391.65
1 litre 510104-1L POR
Pre-packed column 5 x 1 ml 510104-5x1ML £187.00
5 x 5 ml 510104-5x5ML £468.00
SepFast DUO 5000 S 25 ml 510204-25ML £156.45
  100 ml 510204-100ML £391.65
1 litre 510204-1L POR
Pre-packed column 5 x 1 ml 510204-5x1ML £187.00
5 x 5 ml 510204-5x5ML £468.00
SepFast DUO 700 Q 25 ml 510103-25ML £156.45
  100 ml 510103-100ML £391.65
1 litre 510103-1L POR
Pre-packed column 5 x 1 ml 510103-5x1ML £187.00
5 x 5 ml 510103-5x5ML £468.00
SepFast DUO 700 S 25 ml 510203-25ML £156.45
  100 ml 510203-100ML £391.65
1 litre 510203-1L POR
Pre-packed column 5 x 1 ml 510203-5x1ML £187.00
5 x 5 ml 510203-5x5ML £468.00
SepFast DUO 400 Q 25 ml 510102-25ML £156.45
  100 ml 510102-100ML £391.65
1 litre 510102-1L POR
Pre-packed column 5 x 1 ml 510102-5x1ML £187.00
5 x 5 ml 510102-5x5ML £468.00
SepFast DUO 400 S 25 ml 510202-25ML £156.45
  100 ml 510202-100ML £391.65
1 litre 510202-1L POR
Pre-packed column 5 x 1 ml 510202-5x1ML £187.00
5 x 5 ml 510202-5x5ML £468.00
SepFast DUO 150 Q 25 ml 510101-25ML £156.45
  100 ml 510101-100ML £391.65
1 litre 5101011L POR
Pre-packed column 5 x 1 ml 510101-5x1ML £187.00
5 x 5 ml 510101-5x5ML £468.00
SepFast DUO 150 S 25 ml 510201-25ML £156.45
  100 ml 510201-100ML £391.65
1 litre 510201-1L POR
Pre-packed column 5 x 1 ml 510201-5x1ML £187.00
5 x 5 ml 510201-5x5ML £468.00
Selection kit
SepFast DUO Q
4 x 1 ml
(1 ml each of SepFast DUO 150 Q, 400 Q,
700 Q and 5000 Q)
510100-4x1ML £187.00
Selection kit
SepFast DUO S
4 x 1 ml
(1 ml each of SepFast DUO 150 S, 400 S,
700 S and 5000 S)
510200-4x1ML £187.00

*Other column size available on request.

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Data Sheet

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