IEX SepFastTM HighRes Plus Media

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Q (DEAE, S, CM) SepFast™ HighRes Plus is a group of ion-exchange chromatography media with reduced bead size (20 – 50 μm). They are specially designed for high resolution and high binding capacity purification of biological molecules, where impure components are hard to separate by normal bioprocessing chromatography media.

 The core advantages are:

  • High binding capacity
  • High resolution
  • High sample loading capacity at high flow
  • High productivity

IEX SepFast HighRes Plus is made of a composite of agarose and dextran to give increased dynamic binding capacities. The base matrix is highly cross-linked. The media is very stable to most of the chemical conditions experienced in the bioprocessing industry.

Characteristics of IEX SepFast HighRes Plus

SepFast HighRes Plus
SepFast HighRes Plus
SepFast HighRes Plus
SepFast HighRes Plus
Quaternary ammonium strong anion Diethyl-aminoethyl weak anion Sulfo strong cation Carboxy-
methyl weak cation
Total ionic capacity 0.09-0.15 mmol/ml 0.08-0.13 mmol/ml 0.09-0.15 mmol/ml 0.08-0.13 mmol/ml
Particle size 20 – 50 μm
Binding capacity* >150 mg/ml BSA >150 mg/ml BSA >60 mg/ml hIgG >150 mg/ml lysozyme
Pressure-flow property* To be run at a residence time of 2 min and above.
Operational pressure Up to 3 bar
pH stability 2-14 (short term) and 3-12 (long term)
Working temperature 4oC – 30oC
All commonly used buffers; 1 M acetic acid, 1 M NaOH, 6M guanidine hydrochloride, 8 M urea, 30% isopropanol, 70% ethanol
Total ionic capacity Oxidizing agents,
anionic detergents
Oxidizing agents,
cationic detergents
Storage 20% ethanol 20% ethanol 20% ethanol
+ 0.2M sodium acetate
20% ethanol

*Measured in a 32 mm ID column at a bed height of 15 cm.

Ordering information

Ordering information
Description Quantity Code no. Price GBP
Q SepFast HighRes Plus 25 ml 470301-25ML 120.75
  100 ml 470301-100ML 330.75
  1 Litre 470301-1L POR
  5 Litre 470301-5L POR
  50 Litre 470301-50L POR
DEAE SepFast HighRes Plus 25 ml 470601-25ML 120.75
  100 ml 470601-100ML 330.75
  1 Litre 470601-1L POR
  5 Litre 470601-5L POR
  50 Litre 470601-50L POR
S SepFast HighRes Plus 25 ml 470901-25ML 120.75
  100 ml 470901-100ML 330.75
  1 Litre 470901-1L POR
  5 Litre 470901-5L POR
  50 Litre 470901-50L POR
CM SepFast HighRes Plus 25 ml 471201-25ML 120.75
  100 ml 471201-100ML 330.75
  1 Litre 471201-1L POR
  5 Litre 471201-5L POR
  50 Litre 471201-50L POR

*Other volume sizes are available on request.

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