MabPolishTM DUO

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MabPolish DUO is a class of novel resins with inert shell in the outer-layer of the bead (see the diagram below). The shell has size-exclusion effect that blocks molecules based on their molecular weights. Impurities smaller than a mAb can penetrate the shell and then be captured by the mixed-mode ligand inside the bead. It is a very gentle method with little loss of product.

The figure above shows the effectiveness of blocking IgG by the size-exclusion shell.

Key Features Application Guide
MabPolishTM DUO 150A
MabPolishTM DUO 400A
Shelled anion mixed-mode resin.

The shell of 150A can block molecules of 150 KDa.

The shell of 400A can block molecules around 400 KDa

Flow-through mode to capture impurities smaller than IgGs at a wide range of pH and conductivity.

MabPolish DUO 400 range can be run at faster flow velocity to remove high molecular weight species with low loss of target antibodies.
MabPolishTM DUO 150C
MabPolishTM DUO 400C
Shelled cation mixed-mode resin.

The shell of 150C can block molecules of 150 KDa.

The shell of 400C can block molecules around 400 KDa.

MabPolish DUO can be used in flow-through mode to remove impurities of less than 150 KDa from monoclonal antibodies or other antibody materials. Examples of the possible application scenario could be:

Characteristics of MabPolish DUO

Matrix Beads of cross-linked polysaccharide composite
Particle size 50 – 200 m
Functional group 150A and 400A: anion mixed mode ligand
150C and 400C: cation mixed mode ligand
Size exclusion effect of the out-layer 150A and 150C: excluding 150 KDa molecules
400A and 400C: excluding 400 KDa molecules
Operational pressure Up to 3 bar
pH stability 2-14 (short term) and 3-12 (long term)
Working temperature +4oC to +30oC
Chemical stability All commonly used buffers
Avoid Oxidizing agents, detergents

Ordering information

Ordering information
Product Quantity Code no. Price GBP
MabPolish DUO 150A 25 ml 270301-25ML 186.90
  100 ml 270301-100ML POR
1 litre 270301-1L POR
Pre-packed column 5 x 1 ml 270301-5x1ML 179.00
1 x 10 ml 270301-1x10ML 245.70
MabPolish DUO 150C 25 ml 270302-25ML 186.90
  100 ml 270302-100ML POR
1 litre 270302-1L POR
Pre-packed column 5 x 1 ml 270302-5x1ML 179.00
1 x 10 ml 270302-1x10ML 245.70
MabPolish DUO 400A 25 ml 270303-25ML 186.90
  100 ml 270303-100ML POR
1 litre 270303-1L POR
Pre-packed column 5 x 1 ml 270303-5x1ML 179.00
1 x 10 ml 270303-1x10ML 245.70
MabPolish DUO 400C 25 ml 270304-25ML 186.90
  100 ml 270304-100ML POR
1 litre 270304-1L POR
Pre-packed column 5 x 1 ml 270304-5x1ML 179.00
1 x 10 ml 270304-1x10ML 245.70
MabPolish Selection Kit 6 x 1 ml
(1 ml each of MabPolish Type I, Type II,
MabPolish DUO 150A, 150C, 400A, 400C)
270000-6x1ML 198.45

*Other column size available on request.

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